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Who am I?

In 1971 I became a member of the photo club at my secondary school. We had our own black and white photo studio and developement room. I got hooked on making photo's from all kind of subjects but mainly reports and outdoor like wildlife and landscae. During the years I shot kilometers of film. Until 1990 I did all the black and white processing my self, from filling the filmrolls upto printing. Around that time I also started to do weddings and other kind of social gathering and earned some money with it. After having had my first video experience with an open real Akai system in the 70's, and did the lighting and sound of a super 8 film, made during a summercamp, I started to experiment with digital video in the second half of the 90's.

The Traveller Photography is founded in 2005 after I started to visit Scotland. At first I started the-scotchman site to have a place to show my photo's I made in Scotland. My first visit abroad was to the partnerschool in Banchory followed by my involvement in the Comenius projects and the exchange program with the partnerschools of Veurs Lyceum in Leidschendam. This allowed me to visit the partnerschools in Banchory, Rennes, Rombas, Perpignan, Barcelona, Iseo, Pisogne, Hranice, Konstancin and Kauniainen and see parts of the distinctive countries.

To have a platform for all his photo and video products I founded The Traveller Photography.

The subjects:

Wildlife, nature, macro and sportsactivities has always been my main subjects. I also do once in a while a photoshoot or a marriage report.

In 2008 I got acquinted with the Ayreon project and got in contact with the ProgRock and Metal scene. That led to another category of photography and the start of a website about music and the support and promotion of interesting young bands and artists.

If I'm able I try to visit their gigs and shoot some footage which I publish and they are allowed to use.


I hope to inspire other people by sharing the little bit of creativity I have.